Discover the Amazing Health & Beauty Benefits of Spa Clays and Muds.

Learn why people from around the world use spa clays and muds to heal, detoxify and rejuvenate the body.


spa clay, spa mud, The increasingly popular spa clays are now being re-discovered as a popular treatment for many different health, beauty, and skin care conditions. Recently, much research has emerged which supports the therapeutic qualities of clay.

Clay has been used by indigenous cultures around the world as an important medicine and cosmetic since before recorded history.

Have you ever been to a spa and experienced a clay mask or full body mud pack? I'm sure you have seen pictures of people covered from head to toe in clay or mud.

Ever wonder why?

facial mask, mud mask, spa clay, spa mud

Externally, spa clays are used for skin conditions, to absorb excess oil, dirt, and toxins from the skin. Also for cosmetic purposes for exfoliating and improving skin circulation. Some clays are ingested for medicinal purposes to detoxify or treat mineral deficiencies.

Your skin is highly porous and will absorb anything that is put on it, so by applying spa clays, your skin will absorb minerals and nutrients...and at the same time, the clay is pulling toxins out. Isn't that amazing?

Spa Clays come in a variety of colors such as red, green, white, yellow, blue and gray. They can range in texture from coarse and heavy to fine and fluffy. The natural mineral content of clay is what determines its color.

The color in green clay comes from the silica content which is the most important mineral for the skin. Red clays are that color because of the iron content.

One of the best facial masks I have ever used is from NaturOli. Click here to see the picture and read the information about it on their website.


Known primarily for its use in luxurious facial cosmetics in France, French sailors at one time used clay to prevent dysentery by adding it to their drinking water supply. Indeed, bentonite will inocculate water contaminated with a very wide variety of bacteria, rendering it safe to drink.

Spa clay baths may be more amazing than you might think. Discover the art of clay baths for profound relaxation, detoxification, skin cleansing, and general wellness. You can add natural sea salt to a clay bath,too, which is an excellent idea. Sea salt acts as a tonic, and increases the ion exchange capability of spa clay in a clay bath.

I know this is getting quite scientific, but the stuff is amazing! The more I learn and study the more I am at awe over the medicinal and detoxifying qualities of spa clays.

Why are these spa clays so beneficial, you ask?

Clay's properties and effects...

  • Rich in minerals and active enzymes
  • Stimulates lymph circulation and thereby more efficient waste handling and improvement of cell nutrients
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Draws toxins and superfluous fat from the skin
  • Contracts and tones the skin
  • Strengthens the connective tissue

Therapeutic indications and uses...

Poor blood circulation - Use in face masks and body packs.

Poor lymph circulation - Use in face masks and body packs.

Sunburn and general burn damage to skin - Use in creams lotions, baths and face masks. A blend of Clay, Aloe Vera, Tea tree and Lavender is outstanding for all kinds of burns.

Irritated and sensitive scalp - Use in shampoos and hair packs.

Personal hygiene - If you cannot use ordinary soap.

Refresh tired and "washed out" skin - Use in facemasks.

Saggy or loose skin - Use in creams, lotions, baths, face masks and cleansing products.

Acne and other skin problems where cleansing is called for - Use the clay in creams, cleansers, lotions, face masks and baths.

Relaxation and Enjoyment - Clay baths are a fantastic way to help relieve stress and relax, especially in the evening before bed.

Be sure to buy clays from reputable retailers and pay careful attention when storing them. Clays are highly absorbent, so store in a completely sealed container away from petroleum or chemicals. Do not allow clay to come in prolonged contact with anything metal. If you need to store clay in plastic, the best choice is FDA grade plastic.


Then there are the "spa muds". What is the difference between spa muds and spa clays? Spa clays are mostly earth's minerals that have a drawing and toning effect on the skin. Spa mud is an organic mixture of compounds that consist of plant matter, nutrients, and trace elements that are in suspended form, (colloidal), that can easily be absorbed by the skin. They are well known for their therapeutic and medicinal properties.

Moor Mud

Created thousands and thousands of years ago from plants and herbs growing in the fertile valleys of central Europe, moor mud or peat is a mud-like substance that contains lots of nutrients, natural trace elements, minerals and humic substances easily absorbed through the skin. Unusual thermal properties give peat the ability to retain and transmit heat deep into tissue with great healing and rejuvenating effects.


  • High Heat Retention - Retains and transmits heat over an extended period of time.
  • Bactericidal Action - Natural antibiotics and other beneficial micro flora in moor mud help to create balance in the body.
  • Absorbent - Mud particles such as humic acid and other humus substances enable the moor mud to draw and absorb toxic substances trapped in the tissues.
  • Astringent - Potent astringent properties for treating various types of skin conditions.
  • Ion Exchanging - Humic acids in the mud replace harmful positive ions in the tissues with revitalizing negative ions present within the mud.
  • Nerve Stimulant - The fibers of the nervous system, between the epidermal cells, are stimulated by the mud's action.
  • Hormonal - Some of the healing substances stimulate the endocrine system in a natural way that helps balance the hormonal system.
  • Anti-Inflammatory - Consistently found to exert an anti-inflammatory effect on irritated or inflamed tissues.

Dead Sea Mud:

dead sea mud, mud mask, facial mask Throughout the ages, Dead Sea mud has been known for its superb healing effects on various chronic and acute skin diseases. This mud is found on the bottom of the Dead Sea. The minerals in this mud generally increase cell metabolism and contribute to its restoration and regeneration. Also, the Dead Sea mud is highly elastic making it easy to paste on the skin, increasing its effectiveness and improving the healing process. The natural minerals in the mud equilize and balance the basic elements of the skin.

dead sea mud, mud mask, facial mask Dead Sea body mud is a totally natural product that's known for its many benefits as a health and beauty treatment. Mud masks help restore radiance to the skin, cleansing the impurities from the deepest layers while stimulating cellular rejuvenation. It is considered to be the number one product to tighten the skin and also reduces fat accumulation by stimulating cellular metabolism and electrolyte balance.

Go to the Bath Salts page for more on the Dead Sea.

Of course, you can buy spa clays and muds already in their own jars complete with instructions on how to use them. Some come in dry powder form and some come in ready-to-use wet form. You can also buy in bulk anywhere from 1# size clear up to 55# size or more.

For starters, give yourself a clay or mud facial and see the wonderful skin-softening and rejuvenating effects it gives your skin. You will be surprised at the difference. You'll be glowing and maybe thinking you look a bit younger?

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