Find Natural Spa and Bath Products Created From Nature

Find natural home spa and bath products.

You can enjoy a natural spa and bath experience right at home with an abundance of wonderful products created with nature's ingredients.

Add these gifts of nature to your bath and you've created a special spa and bath treat for your body, mind and soul with a sense of satsfaction in knowing that the products you are using are not only free of chemicals but have the health benefits to go with it.

Just think...the herbs, oils and minerals in many natural bath and body products have been used for the health, beauty and pleasure of people since before recorded history. There are many benefits of bathing using pure and natural ingredients. Many people flocked to hot springs and the ocean beaches to rejuvinate and heal...which we still do today. Bathing has been a ritual for many down through the ages. Royalty enjoyed the benefits of bathing with natural herbs and oils. Able to afford all the luxuries, they had the opportunity to use rare and exotic products like scented oils and herbs.


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Discover the many natural spa and bath products that are available to you. These products are made by companies that care about nature, the environment and the health of their customers.

...Like the company, NaturOli, below. They have wonderful products made from basic natural ingredients that are good for you as well as the environment. Their line of products also includes basic ingredients to make your own spa treats right at home...

Find lots of information on the pages below...

Buy some bath salts to make your own mineral bath or some spa clay for a mud mask.

Herbal bath teas or tub teas are therapeutic, so soaking in a bath that has been steeped with herbs can aleviate many ailments.

Essential oils used in bath oils are also very therapeutic rising in the steam and inhaled, creating a true aromatherapy experience.

Sugar and salt scrubs help to exfoliate your skin and improve circulation leaving you feeling alive, refreshed and glowing.

Handmade soap made with pure and natural ingredients cleanses the skin like nothing else. So skin-softening and gentle. It washes off quickly and leaves your skin clean and soft.

Then add a soy candle, bee's wax candle or palm wax candle or two for that relaxing atmosphere. ..and there you are! You've created your own natural home spa retreat.

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