My Handmade Soap Gallery

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my soap gallery.

On this page you can view pictures of all the handmade soap and bath care products I have featured in my Etsy shop. I love making my bath products out of natural ingredients and would like to share my handmade, skin-friendly creations with you.

Listed below are some of the natural ingredients I use when creating my soaps and other bath products.

  • vegetable oils and butters: like coconut, palm, olive, mango, shea, babassu, avocado, etc.
  • Spa Clays: like French Green, French pink, Rassoul, Moroccan Red, Kaolin, etc.
  • Botanicals: such as fruit fibers, sandalwood powder, calendula petals, lavender flowers, kitchen spices, etc.
  • Other natural ingredients: like honey, goat's milk, oatmeal, wine, mineral oxide colorants, etc.
  • Essential Oils: for therapeutic fragrance

    I do use a small amount of cosmetic grade fragrance oils at times for a greater variety of scents. I confess that I am a fragrance junkie and many of my customers enjoy them, also. That is the only ingredient I use that isn't considered "natural".

    Thanks again for stopping by! If you are interested in buying any of these items, you can just click on its picture and you will be taken to that item in my Etsy shop.

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    Glycerine is the by-product of soapmaking and is used in the cosmetic industry as a moisturizer.

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