Natural Palm Wax Candles

natural palm wax candle

Palm wax candles are my favorite natural candle simply because of their outstanding beauty, fragrance and durability.

Palm wax comes from the fruit of palm trees. The oil palm grows in Western Africa, South & Central America and varieties of it throughout the globe. These trees are now domesticated and grow on plantations. The fruit is very rich in oil that is used for cooking, soap, cosmetics and quite perfect for making durable,long lasting natural wax candles. Many palm plantations are now adopting eco-friendly, sustainable farming and fair trade practices, which are good for the environment and for the people that work there.

Beautiful Appearance

Palm wax is a beautiful crystalline natural wax that makes a high quality, long burning candle. It has a stronger scent throw than other scented candles while it's burning, and also while it's cold...Either way, it fills the room with fragrance.

When it comes to candles, nothing lends as much beauty and luminescence as these natural wax candles do. They can have a distinct ice-like appearance which resembles the frosty crystals that collect on windows in the winter time. They can also have a mottled texture or even a solid surface. This variety in textures is due to different techniques used in processing the palm candle wax and in making the candles.


One reason why this natural candle wax is such a preferred choice in candle making is because of its hard texture and high melting point. So, even in the summer when it gets quite hot, the candles remain hard and sturdy. Palm wax is even harder than paraffin, which gives you an idea of its durability and strength. So, palm wax produces a hard, stable candle with a surface that's dry to the touch.

No Soot!

The beauty of palm wax is that it's pure and natural with no added chemicals, which makes it smokless. It has a hotter flame, which means no black soot while burning. Also, most palm wax candles have the natural cotton wicks which make them entirely environmentally friendly.

The Price

Palm wax candles are more expensive than most, but they are well worth it because of the many advantages they have over other candles...

They have a longer burn time, outlasting other candles.

They also have a higher melting point, which makes them more durable.

They also burn smokeless, keeping your home and environment cleaner.

They have a stronger scent throw, making them more fragrant.

Different Candle Shapes

palm wax pillar candle

Natural palm wax candles come in all the popular shapes, colors and sizes. From pillars to tea lights, jars to votives. One thing different with the pillar candles...the flame burns down inside, leaving a soft, flickering glow. This is a beautiful quality of the palm pillars. The container candles melt completely across the jar while burning, efficiently burning up all the wax in them. No waste! Some melt completely, leaving a total pool of fragrant liquid wax. Yum!

Use Caution While Burning Your Palm Wax Candle

Make sure to burn the candle on a heat resistant surface. Always make sure to keep the candle away from any flammable substances and objects. Make sure there are no flowing curtains near the candle as they can easily catch fire. Keep the wick trimmed to a length of one-fourth inch. This will prevent a smoking flame and any accidents from happening. Make sure to remove all debris and wick trimmings from around the candle. Keep the candle in an area where there are minimal drafts. Also, keep out of the reach of children. Make sure a burning candle is attended to at all times as leaving it unattended could cause potential accidents.

Quality and Style

The amazing thing about palm wax is that, in spite of being a natural wax, it has beauty and luster in all its forms. It has a hard, smooth texture which can produce some of the finest candles in the industry. Besides that, it can be a valuable expression of beauty, fragrance and style in your home. Its long burning time is a great asset when you want to use these natural candles for parties, get-togethers or even romantic candlelight dinners!

You can find palm wax candles at my favorite websites below...

Aloha Bay Candles The first palm wax candle I bought was made by Aloha Bay. They were making candles out of palm wax long before anybody else in the candle industry. In the USA, that is.

Candles By Carolyn A large selection of soy and palm wax candles. High quality all the way down to their cotton wicks. Customize your candle by choosing the color and fragrance, which makes it fun. I love this company! Very reasonable prices and it's a one-stop shopping experience for all your herbal needs. This link takes you to some Aloha Bay palm wax tapers.

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