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Become acquainted with the beautiful aromatic scents of luxurious, high quality natural perfumes.

Did you know there was such a thing? The modern perfumes we see in all the department stores are NOT natural by any means...They are mostly synthetic fragrances in a petro-chemical soup. Yes, and we're putting them on our skin! These chemical mixtures cannot compare in any way with the deep richness, power and allure of natural perfume oils, that for thousands of years, created such an aura of deep mystery and romance.

In days past, natural perfumery was indigenous to only a few countries, each using a small, limited number of traditional ingredients. Now, modern methods of extraction and trade, that reach out to the four corners of the globe, are providing a large palette of natural ingredients to chose from. We are fortunate to have these natural perfumers. They offer a much larger selection of beautiful perfumes than ever before. I would love to try every one created!

Worn by Royalty, buried with Pharoes and prized by Queens... perfumed oils have been held in high esteem through the ages. Their aromatic ingredients were sought after from all parts of the world. This ancient art created many perfumes, unguents and scented oils to soften and scent the skin of kings and queens. Now you can own and wear these beautiful natural essences without the chemicals and synthetics of our modern perfumes.

"Look in the perfumes of flowers and of nature for peace of mind and joy of life.".....Wang Wei

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Natural fragrances are exquisite in their exotic nature. Rich, deep, alluring and oh, so much fun to wear! Quite different from the many over-priced designer perfumes of today. Anyway, what can synthetic fragrances do for your feelings and emotions? Nothing! Real perfumes can affect your moods and just make your day, or evening, the best ever, whether it be relaxing, energetic, or romantic.

Portable Aromatherapy

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There is a special feeling you get from wearing natural aromatics. Their essences are synergistic with the body and their fragrances create a personal atmosphere uniquely your own. Many change on the skin, reacting with your body chemistry to create an individual scent that is yours alone.

I love to wear natural fragrances. They seem to just "meld", so-to-speak, with my body chemistry. They are so rich and concentrated that it takes just a "touch" to the skin. That's all you need. You've got to experience the fragrant, romantic and beautiful scents of these pure plant essences...


These beautiful perfumed oils from India are gently made by hand-picking flowers and steaming them. The flower essences are then collected in sandalwood oil and aged producing a deep, full-bodied scent, and yet, retaining the delicate floral notes. They are quite different than the western designer perfumes.


This beautiful "scented oil" from the south sea islands of Tahiti is pure delight with its Tahitian gardenia fragrance. Made by infusing tiare blossoms in skin-loving coconut oil. The same process used for centuries is still being used today to make this exquisite oil. Experience the historical and traditional perfumed oil that's used by the Tahitian women of Polynesia.

Visit These Perfumers

Attar Bazaar has beautiful "attar" perfume oils. They are exquisite in every way. Check out their large selection.

Auric Blends also has a large selection of perfume oils, although some are not as natural and are made with some "fragrance oils". Hand dipped incense sticks, perfume oils, nag champa incense, Egyptian Goddess products and henna tattoos.

Mountain Rose Herbs is a fine company and so down-to-earth. Check out their line of essential oil blends they call "Aroma Oils".

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