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Natural candles are quickly becoming the first choice for health-conscious candle consumers. More and more candle companies are making natural candles out of vegetable waxes. Now you can find them in a wide variety of richly scented candle fragrances and beautiful colors & shapes. They are perfect for your home fragrance needs as well as candle gift ideas for nature-loving family and friends.

Candles made with natural waxes are more popular than ever these days. They come in many forms for everyday uses just like the standard paraffin candles. Try the beautiful, frosted pillars and tapers made with palm wax, or the richly scented and creamy jar candles made with soy wax, or the sweet scented, long burning bee's wax candles that clean the air with their ions. No matter what your favorite candle shape or candle fragrance... Whether it's for that romantic gift or your personal use as a home spa candle, there's a natural wax candle made for just the right occasion.

Would you like a candle made from a clean-burning, renewable resource that doesn't leave an oily petro-chemical residue on everything in your home?...

That sounded very attractive to me, since I was never a candle fan. I hated to clean up after those ugly paraffin wax spills, not to mention the horrible black soot that stuck to the candle and on the sides of the glass jar making it look so ugly that I didn't want to burn it again. So, I gave up on candles until...


I found the "Soy Candle"! These natural candles are made with soy bean wax. They have a beautiful, bright flame and burn slower and cleaner than paraffin wax candles. They come in many different varieties from the all natural unscented, uncolored ones, to the popular highly scented, triple scented jar candles. They are so luscious and creamy-looking with their soft pastel colors. A pleasure to burn. Easy to clean up if spilled...Just soap and hot water will do it!


  • A renewable resource, supporting American Farmers.
  • Bio-degradeable and non-toxic.
  • Water soluable. Spills clean up with soap and hot water.
  • Burn cooler than paraffin, lasting twice as long.
  • Soot-free, leaving cleaner air to breathe.

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Next there's the "bee's wax" candles with their old-fashioned sweet-smelling aromas. Bee's wax comes from the same source as honey. They burn much slower and cleaner than a paraffin candle and are oh, so natural...even their color is a soft honey color. Some come in white and colors, also. Most come unscented since the wax is naturally scented like honey, which is what I prefer in a bee's wax candle. Be careful in choosing your natural wax candles because many companies sell a mixture of bee's wax, paraffin wax and other waxes, but still call it bee's wax. I prefer pure bee's wax. That way I know it's all natural.


  • It is derived from the same nectar source as honey, which gives it its sweet smell.
  • Pure natural beeswax is smokeless and drip-less while burning and has no soot residue.
  • Burns slow due to it's high melting point. Research shows that burning beeswax produces negative ions which neutralize odors and purifiy the air.

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The last natural candle type is the "palm wax" candle made from the fruit of the palm oil tree. This same palm oil is used in many lotions, soaps and skin care products. It is my very favorite natural candle simply because of its lovely crystalized look. The wax quickly cools down and returns to its crystal form after burning. Many come in exotic colors and fragrances. The colors are much brighter than any candle I've ever seen and they hold their scent down to the last drop.

Palm wax candles are harder to find than other types, but they're catching on quickly because they are a beautiful, natural wax and so much fun to burn. Spills and containers clean up with soap and hot water!

This is the ideal candle wax to use in hotter climates because it has a higher melting point than other candle waxes. I remember the paraffin taper candles getting soft in the summer heat and bending and warping a bit. They sure looked funny.


  • The wax is steam distilled from the fruit of the palm oil tree, so no solvents used in making it.
  • Has the hottest and brightest burning flame, so it completely consumes all the wax.
  • Clean burning with no soot to dirty up the house.
  • Cleans up with soap and hot water.
  • Has a crystal-look with beautiful bright colors.
  • It's a hard wax and holds up nicely in pillars and tapers.
  • Keeps its highly scented fragrances because the palm wax holds more fragrance than other waxes.
  • Burns longer than paraffin wax candles.

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What about the aromatherapy scented candles...The ones that are all-natural, therapeutic and scented with essential oils? Don't worry. They can be found made from these three natural waxes, too. These ALL natural candles are for you if you want to avoid the synthetic fragrances in most candles.

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