Discover The Monoi from Tahiti.

Monoi de Tahiti, Tahiti, perfumed oil,natural beauty product

Tahitian Monoi Oil Is A National Treasure As Well As a Natural Beauty Product.

Monoi, Tahiti, skin care, perfumed oil

An historical perfumed oil from Tahiti that has been used for centuries in their traditional religion and medicine, then later by the Tahitian women for their natural beauty and skin care.

What is "Monoi", you ask? It means "perfumed oil" or "scented oil" in the Tahitian language. This beautiful "scented oil" is made from two very natural ingredients...coconut oil pressed from "copra", ( dried coconut ), from the local coconut trees, and the Tahitian gardenia, called the "tiare", the national flower, which grows abundantly in Tahiti. This ancient perfumed oil was used traditionally by Tahitian women for their daily skin care.

Basicly, it is made by mascerating the tiare flowers and infusing them in coconut oil that has been extracted from the pulp of coconuts by cold pressing. This simple process produces an exquisite oil that's been the beauty secret of the Tahitian women, called "Vahines", for centuries. This explains their beautiful hair and satin-like skin. No wonder it is the "Emblem of Tahiti".

This lovely perfumed oil was not only used for beauty...

Monoi de Tahiti, natural beauty product

...It had medicinal uses, also.

One of the main ingredients in French Polynesia's traditional pharmacopeia. This lovely Polynesian oil is believed to effectively relieve migraines and earaches, heal wounds, alleviate rashes and bites, and even relieve certain types of eczema and other skin conditions.

Even the men used the oil as a skin protectant from the wind and salt water while diving and fishing.

Coconut oil, one of the two ingredients in Monoi, is called by some the healthiest oil on earth. It has many healthful benefits as well as beauty benefits.

No wonder this lovely scented oil was used as a medicine!

Wonderful for skin care. I love using "Monoi". There's no greasy feeling. Instead, this beautiful scented coconut oil soaks into the skin and leaves it soft and supple...The dryness is gone! One of the best ways to use this traditional treat is to put it on after a bath while the skin is still damp. Wow! It goes on smoothly and smells "devine", leaving your skin smooth as silk with an intoxicating Polynesian scent.

Use as a "hot oil treatment" for your hair. Put it on before you shampoo to help repair hair and deep condition it for a beautiful shine.

Can also be used as a bath oil. Just a couple of drops in the bath will soften skin and Oh!, the intoxicating aroma of this beautiful oil will certainly relax you and transport you to the "islands".

Monoi, Tahiti, skin care, sun protection

Great as an after-sun bathing oil, also. Just rub on after some time outdoors in the sun and feel it soak into your skin with its lovely perfume. It will help protect your skin from drying winds, sun and salt water, too, if you apply it before you venture outside, of course.

Now you can find the "Monoi" products in a variety of beautiful tropical scents, soaps, and lotions.

Monoi de Tahiti is hard to find though its popularity is increasing along with a demand factor that will surely make this ancient natural skin care product easier to obtain.

Even now I've noticed some products made with "monoi" in them that aren't completely natural. Watch the labels and take note of the ingredients before you buy.

For starters...try the original oil. You'll be "hooked"!

Try this natural beauty secret that's been used for centuries for younger-looking skin and see why it's called "Monoi de Tahiti" a national treasure.

Note: Due to the nature of coconut oil, Monoi de Tahiti will start solidifying at around 72 degrees farenheit. So, for those who live in the more "Northern" climates, just set the bottle in some warm water for a few minutes to melt.

You can find the traditional Monoi de Tahiti at the sites listed below.

Tahiti-Iti Imports carries the original Monoi de Tahiti along with other Tahitian products. A very nice website full of information. Stay there awhile and read all about Tahiti and then try some of their products. The gift baskets are a very reasonable price and an inexpensive way to try something special and unique.

Monoi Tiare Tahiti is the website of Hawaiian Resources Co., Ltd. They carry several scents of the Monoi Oils along with soaps. Lots of information, nice product pictures and a very easy site to navigate.

iHerb is a great site to just shop and get it over with. Their fast service will get you that long-awaited-for Tahitian Oil in a hurry!

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The beautiful pictures on this page are courtesy of:

Tahiti Tourisme.

Visit their site and take a trip to Tahiti. Even if you can't go "literally", you can take a "virtual trip"...enjoy! ;-)

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