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Medicines from ancient times and prized by Royalty...Essential Oils are now your fragrant solution to beauty and health.

These aromatic plant oils are not a modern discovery. They were used by early civilizations in China, India, Egypt and Babylon. These fragrant essences are even mentioned in the Bible many times. According to translations of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts, priests and physicians used extracted oils from plants thousands of years ago, making "aromatics" among the earliest known medicines. The ancient peoples used them not only as medicines, but for protection from diseases, personal hygene, religious ceremonies, preserving foods, embalming their dead, and as perfumes. They were even found in Egyptian tombs buried with their owners...A precious posession, indeed! In later times, whole books were written about them, mostly involving "medicines of the apothecary", (our modern-day pharmacy).

Take a few steps back in history and learn about a band of thieves that escaped the plagues of Europe by using essential oils or, plant aromatics, as they were called.

If you're not familiar with these fragrant plant essences, you no doubt, have come across them at one time or another. In the food industry they are used as flavorings and aromas, also as preservatives. In the cosmetic industry they are used for their beautifying and cell-rejuvenating properties and in the fragrance industry they are appreciated for their wonderful aromas and mood-enhancing capacities. The last area is the natural health industry, which is the most interesting since it encompasses aromatherapy and all the medicinal qualities of these oils.

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Many have underestimated the power of essential oils. Even though they are fragrant, they have the ability to kill germs and viruses, cleanse the air, enhance beauty, change moods and uplift the spirit. They can be very beneficial when used regularly.

In our modern times... essential oils are becoming, once again, popular with the natural health and beauty industries. Wouldn't you like a natural health & beauty product that not only smells good, but is very potent and at the same time completely all natural with no chemicals? I know you are concerned about your health and beauty, like me, so only the "best" will do. You can buy these wonderful oils at your local health food store or online. Choose high-quality oils that are therapeutic grade.

There are many suppliers out there, but some don't carry the high quality you need for your aromatherapy skin care and body care. Choose reputable companies that take pride in carrying the finest quality for their customers.

aromatherapy products for natural health and beauty

Here are just a few of the most popular health and beauty products that have aromatherapy oils in them...

Note: As a caution, fragrance oils are not the same thing, even though they come in hundreds of delightful scents and can be found in any product that needs to smell good. Fragrances are man-made and contain many chemicals. They do not have the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Many times the word, aromatherapy, is used on products that are known for their fragrant properties such as highly scented candles and air fresheners, but contain only synthetic fragrances. Be sure to check the ingredient label when purchasing these products. It should read; pure essential oils.

Note also: These highly concentrated plant oils must be used sparingly because they can be irritating to the skin. Some like oregano, cinnamon, clove and lemongrass can cause blistering or rashes. Be sure to dilute them with a carrier oil, such as almond, grapeseed, coconut, etc., when applying them on the skin. Just a drop or two is sufficient in most cases. Acquire a book or two about aromatherapy to learn more about their use and safety.

The world of Aromatherapy is so vast that it encompasses whole areas of natural medicine, natural household products, natural skin care and beauty products. If you are interested in learning more, there are books written about it and aromatherapy courses you can take. I'm in the process of gathering more information for you so you can investigate these wonderful oils of the plant kingdom. Just follow the links!

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