Discover The Health Benefits of Beeswax Candles

natural beeswax candles

Are You familiar With beeswax candles?

Have you ever burned candles made with beeswax?

The most common and inexpensive candles sold today are made from paraffin, a by-product of crude oil. You see them in stores everywhere. Burning these candles in your home creates soot and a petroleum residue that leves a dirty film on everything in your house. Just think of what you are breathing while burning them!

Beeswax, on the other hand, is a product of the bee hive. It is completely natural, eco-friendly and a renewable resource. These beautiful candles burn clean and actually clean the air in your home. Yes, you read that right...They clean the air! Burning bees wax releases negative ions in the air that attach to dirt and pollen particles dropping them to the floor. When it rains, the air is fresh and cleaned by a similar process.

People that have sinus problems, asthma and allergies have noticed improvements in their condition by burning beeswax candles.

beeswax honeycomb for candles

People have been making candles with bees wax for centuries. Beeswax was the best candle making product and highly prized because it was far superior to tallow or anything else.

The same still holds true today and here is why:

  • They have a long burn time and a brighter flame.
  • They don't drip or create soot.
  • They have a honey fragrance and purify the air when they are burned.

When shopping for beeswax candles, you will find most in a beautiful natural golden color.

Slight variations in candle colors are due to the amount and/or type of pollen and propolis in the wax and where the bees have been getting their the slight variations in the color of honey.

Some candles are made with filtered wax. The darker the wax, the more un-filtered and "raw" it is. Some candles can be almost white depending on how much the wax has been filtered and cleaned. This makes, as some chandlers believe, a better, more efficient burning candle. Raw bees wax may have impurities that clog the wick, reducing the candle's flame and making it tunnel.

Colored candles are available, too. These have been colored with special candle dyes to give the consumer a wider choice in candle decor.

These natural wax candles come in various shapes and sizes, just like many other candles.

You can find them as pillars, container candles, tapers, votives, tea lights and in many decorative shapes and colors.

Just a warning...

If you want a true beeswax candle, be sure they say "100% pure bee's wax" on the label. In the candle industry, a candle with as little as 10% bee's wax can be labeled as "beeswax"!

Notice the type of wick on your candle. Natural wicks are all-cotton, hemp or cotton with a paper core. Beware of wicks with metal cores. I don't think there is any lead-core wicks on the market anymore, but you never know these days. Better to be safe by checking.

eco-friendly beeswax candle

If you are like many natural products lovers who are "going green", natural beeswax candles are just right for you. Experience their many healthful and eco-friendly benefits.

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