About Me and Building a Website for Natural Health and Beauty.

Hi, My name is Linda. This page is about me and how I came to build this website and became interested in all things natural.

I was always an outdoor-type person. The farther away from people and cities, the better for me! Maybe that's why I'm way out here in the Oregon Outback where there's less than one person per square mile....Frontier they call it. Not even rural. This is Eastern Oregon... wide open country where the deer, antelope and wild horses still roam.

My interests are art, music, photography,(many pictures on this site are mine), gardening, wildlife, soapmaking, herbs, aromatherapy, anything cowgirl, natural medicines, wholesome foods, natural body care, and natural health & beauty. I'm naming just a few of my many interests, though and will keep it short for the benefit of my visitors.

The past several years I've been into natural medicines, wholesome foods and making soap and body care products from herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients. If it's natural; I'm interested! The natural world never ceases to amaze me. People are loosing their health and are highly stressed-out in this day and age with all it's modern conveniences. Why, even our food and body care products are laced with chemicals. My strong belief is if we keep it simple and natural and connect with the earth regularly, we'd be happier and healthier.


Many people I talk to know very little about natural products and how healthy and nourishing they can be when used regularly. I decided to make this website to inform and benefit all those who want to return to a more natural way of life using natural products every day for their health and beauty.

I wanted to build a website to spread the word, but didn't know how to design one or even how to put one up on the internet that people could find easily. I came across Site Build It after much time searching for a website hosting program. I'm so glad I found "SBI". SBI! stands for Site Build It, SiteSell's web-hosting software package.

Do you have something you're passionate about? A hobby or skill? Would you like to build a website like me? If I can do it, then you can, too. SBI! includes everything – from web hosting, site building and brainstorming keywords to marketing techniques, tracking and analysis – it's all right there in the Site Build It! package. There are many success stories and you can read them all on Site Sell.com.

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In closing, I'd like to say thank you for visiting. Now you know more about me. Come back again. I'm sure you'll see changes to my website, as I plan to feature many natural health, beauty and body care products regularly along with a wealth of information to help you find just the right product for "you"....naturally.

Site Sell affiliate This is just the beginning...


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