Your Guide to Natural Health & Beauty Products


Are you searching for natural products with your skin care and beauty care in mind? Would you like to become acquainted with some wonderful natural health and beauty products? Let this be your guide to finding the best natural products on the internet.

Are you concerned about un-natural added chemicals lurking in the products you use? What about your personal care know, the ones you bathe with and put on your skin every day? Did you know that in the last 50 years, an estimated 80,000 new chemicals have been released into our environment? Very few of these chemicals have been tested for long-term safety, despite finding their way into our food, water and personal care products. If you're like me, concerned about your health, then you'd want to find some naturally healthy alternatives. Check out the Chemical Intredients page and learn about some of the most frequently used chemicals, then read your labels to see if you can identify any.

You don't have to sacrifice beauty just to be healthy.

You might think that natural personal care products are limited...that there isn't as much to choose from as far as texture, fragrance, color and varieties go.

Instead of feeling deprived of all the vast choices of.....sizes, colors, scents and every conceivable attractive package on the shelf sitting there in pretty bottles and jars..... remind yourself that these glorified chemicals are formulated only for profits by large companies that will sell your health down the river and not blink an eye.

I can't go down the shampoo isle in a drugstore anymore without smelling chemicals. It smells terrible to me. I wouldn't want to put that stuff on my skin....NO WAY!

You can, instead, discover the many healthy body care products on the natural market. You will be happy you are using nature's ingredients for your skin care and so will your body.

Natural products for health and beauty are growing in popularity, but sometimes a confusing subject for most women.

There are many natural body care products on the market, but where can you find them? Which ones are best? What ingredients are in these natural products? ...This website will serve as a guide to help you find answers to these questions and more...Questions about natural skin care and hair care products, natural beauty products, including natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, home spa & bath products, even natural candles and healthy, skin-nourishing foods like coconut oil. You will be able to discover the many benefits of natural ingredients gathered from the earth and plants and learn how they help to keep you and your skin healthy and, of course, beautiful.


Prepare to be introduced to some wonderful natural products on these pages that are made by some outstanding companies, mostly small businesses that care and want only the best for your health and beauty.


Product Spotlight

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Mountain Rose Herbs has NEW ORGANIC Body Lotions! These lusciously divine lotions, made by Nature's Paradise, contain 100% certified organic ingredients...Perfect for those of us who have waited for an effective lotion made from all natural ingredients containing no petro-chemicals, artificial fragrances, and synthetic skin irritants. Choose from Coconut, Lavender or Vanilla.....8 oz bottle

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I will be featuring a product here quite regularly. So, come back and see what's new and natural.


Grab a cup of your favorite herbal tea, relax and stay awhile. Read...Explore...Be educated about natural products for your daily skin care and body care. Learn about their healthy benefits, then act on the knowledge gained here. You will be healthy and happy you did.


P.S. Please bookmark this page and check back often to see what's new and natural.

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